Groot pocket

    House of Disney

    J'habite chez mon chat

    Let's go home

    Mr Genie

    On peut tromper...

F**k humans (collaboration with Zilone)


    42 : the answer

    The saviors (collaboration with Krikoui)

    Very busy (collaboration with Zilone)

    Save unicorns

    Je ne peux j'ai licorne

    Aku Aku (Collaboration with Krikoui)


    Game continues

    Game is over

    Jurassic Park

    The garrison (Collaboration with Krikoui)

    Survey corps (Collaboration with Krikoui)

    Training corps (Collaboration with Krikoui)

    Miliraty horse (Collaboration with Krikoui)

    Girls Battalion

    Bébé kangourou (Collaboration with Zilone)

    Little sister (Collaboration with Zilone)

    World music


    Octopus (Collaboration with Krikoui)

    Ok Goku

    Ok Luffy

    Ok Naruto


    Life is a game

    Roger's place

    Reservoir Girls

    Who's who ? (1)

    Who's who ? (2)

    Viva la mutación

   Free hugs Roshi

    Free jokes (1)

    Free cookies

    Free dedication

    Free jokes

    Not free

    Free punch

    Ninja by night

    None shall pass


    Kodama pocket

    Susuwatari family

    Totoro beach

    Trust me

    Umbreon cat

    Kingdom (Collaboration with Marcin)

    Poetic cat


    Tyrex (collaboration with Zilone)

    Haring Deadpool

    Bat night

    Not today


    Hamburger (collaboration with Krikoui)

    Koro Sensei

    Harry Cosplay

    I believe I can ride

    Spiritual Master


    Vintage sound


    Toto flowers

    In the sun

    Yes Negan